Inside Out Cleaning and Maintenance Services

  Full Service Cleaning and Property Maintenance Company

Inside Out Cleaning and Maintenance Services offers Vacant Property Management Services to provide homeowners peace of mind during extended stays away from their home.  We provide full inspections inside and outside your home.  We can be the point of contact for all your property maintenance and repairs.

Vacant Property Management Services include regular bi-weekly visits to your property to ensure quality control.  We also take photographs of your home every month and email to you so you can view your property condition.  For special projects, we act as liaison between contractors and you to ensure quality and timely work.

Our goal is to make sure your property remains clean and well maintained inside and out until it is sold or you return.

  • Check that security system is functioning
  • Resetting electric appliances/breakers from power outage/surge
  • Check smoke alarms/replace batteries
  • Check air conditioners
  • Blinds are adjusted
  • Flush/check all toilets
  • Run/check all faucets
  • Run kitchen sink disposal
  • Watering of indoor plants (if requested)
  • Visual check for pests or rodents
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Check/adjust overhead garage opener
  • Check kitchen/bathroom faucets/drains
  • Check plumbing for leaks
  • Check for water damage
  • Check windows and skylights for damage or leaks
  • Touch up clean/vacuum to keep home dust free


  • Inspect area for vandalism and forced entry
  • Check doors, windows and screens to be sure they are secure
  • Clear out unwanted flyers and newspapers from yard/mail box
  • Check outside faucets
  • Monitor sprinkler system for adequate watering
  • Mow/trim/weed during summer as needed
  • Snow removal from driveway and walkways as needed


Single Family Residences:
Starting at $175/month